Happy Work-Aversary (& update)

So, after Shannon told me today that I have seemly forgotten about the work-aversary post, I am back on it for March and April. This year is just going by way to fast!

So March…

March was my work-aversary. March 15, was 2 years here at Beaufort Inn. For all those that don’t know me, I’m Jessica, the handy 23year old “jane-of-all-trades” night auditor/clerk/manager/ social media admin/ web page developer/ go to fixer for the office.

March was also Housekeeper Paula’s work-aversary. She has been working here at Beaufort Inn for 15 Years. Yes, I said 15! Thats a long time!! She is technically the head housekeeper is we are talking seniority and she’s in her 50’s.

On to April…

Shannon has now been here for 1 year! Yay. Kudos to her for reminding me about this blog post. She’s one of our day clerk persons and we appreciate her very very much!! She’s 24, and works part-time at K-Mart too. We just can’t get her to quit working there, cause they need her too I guess. But for all you lucky bachelors out there under the age of 30 and over the age of 24… She is Single!! 🙂

This April there have been some changes, and I’m sure you regulars will notice. We welcomed aboard Asuka. Yes that is her name!  Judy is no longer with us here at Beaufort Inn. In March we also welcomed aboard Tammie as a 4th housekeeper.

We appreciate all of our guests for staying with us. The past few months has been busy, and its continueing to get busier, and we are so thankful for the business, and are able to make a few minor upgrades you will notice. So enjoy, and see you soon!!