Beaufort Inn gets Healthy


Well its a start that is, for Healthier options. We added over a month ago offering Yogurt for breakfast. Tonight we started with a veggie assorment to replace the cheese and crachers that we generally have for refreshments. Now don’t get all uptight on me now, because we still have the cookies. We all need healthier options though. And for many of us on a diet having that option to have a couple baby carrots for less than 30 calories, instead of having that cookie that is 180 calories is a great opportunity.

I started with a personal trainer this past week to help me acheive my goal of losing about 55lbs. Thats a lot, but the guy is really good and helps me work muscles I didn’t know I had! But he checks my diet. And Diet doesn’t have to mean that you are cutting calories or going on weight watchers, just simply diet is the food you eat. So When I tell him I had a cookie, he frowns and says “you can do better” and I know I’m only hurting myself. But tempting cookies get in the way. So having those carrots and veggies staring up at you right beside those pesky cookies saying Eat Me not that… it helps to overcome those sneaky calories, and drive my healthy eating choices. (Yes, we staff are very tempted to eat the cookies and sometimes we snag one). Plus we all know you want to get healthy & stay healthy too… even on vacation!

So enjoy our new touch of refreshments this summer, and hopefully we will be able to change it up a bit each with and keep a variety.


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