So we have been busy, so Yes I forget to write naturally. But thats not all my fault though I tell you… Internact with us and I’ll be more encouraged to write more. 🙂

So Floating docks are officially and completely installed and one of our Term Rentals is already in. yay. They look great and people love them. We’ve had quite a few boats come in here already and look forward to having more. Image

T-Shirts… Well we here just can’t seem to choose a design we all like. I’m going to be honest- Ego’s get in the way. So we are in the progess of getting the t-shirt company to design them for us!

Bruce turns 75 on Wednesday. Yes, I did say 75! The man still runs around here like he was a juvenile trying to get things done. But we here at Beaufort Inn will wish him a very very happy 75th birthday.

This month we also welcomed aboard a new housekeeper, Tammie. She’s doing a gre working with us. It has been a busy busy season so far, with many different groups and just people traveling, which we enjoy. We got new brochures in, so we are now into the whole QR code era. Change is good, and very effective.


We look forward to seeing you all this year, and I suggest that you start booking early. The next time we have a water room available will be after the music festival, so get on the ball guys…. Make your reservations!! 🙂 I’m here til 11pm for reservations daily. See you soon.


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