April is coming…

April is coming up quick, and should start to see some changes in Beaufort Inn, and around town. Businesses will be in full swing and things looking up.

You will notice in April when you log onto our website, that there will be at least a few changes and maybe some major changes! More to come though.

April 11, 2012 will be the 25th year in Business for Beaufort Inn. T-Shirts may be sold for this special event- so just look for our updates in April as to when to get these.

April will also bring in many groups. We do enjoy groups staying with us. We will have CMAST (from NC-STATE), Jarrett Bay Boatworks, British Motor Club of the Cape Fear, and the Catawba Vallen Camera Club and many other groups to come.

So if you have yet to make your reservation here at Beaufort Inn, make it now before its too late.

See you Soon! 🙂


What a Wonderful March

This week has been a great week here at Beaufort Inn. We were honored to have the NuTech Seed Group from Michigan to stay with us, and also other fine guest that have just made you smile.

The weather has been great and everything is just beautiful. I think we have bypassed spring and are having early summer like weather. Tempatures are in the 70’s during the day and around 65 at night. Pair that with the nice breeze and setting on the patio or on the swing and that is a perfect day.

We are seeing more and more boats pop up as the weather is warmer… So if you are staying with us here at Beaufort Inn, take advantage of using our docks! Prices start at $30 a night. All you have to do is walk out of your room and down stairs to the docks and hop on your boat- so Why Walk to front Street when you have have a view of your boat on our docks.

Our suites have been a popular room choice this week among couples. While your loved one goes to bed, you can sit up in the living room/ sitting area and watch tv so you don’t disturb them.

We are also working on some new changes… WE are working on doing Online Reservations and a new website, so look for that soon. The 25th Anniversary of being open is April 11, 2012. If you have any idea that we could use to help make this a special week, leave us a comment.

We hope that you get a chance to come visit us here at Beaufort Inn soon.